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RAR Drivers, SnugTV Station and AVer TV
184.6 Mb
Version, Date:, 12.01.2010
Operation Systems:
Windows 7 x64, Windows 7 x32, Windows Vista x64, Windows Vista x32, Windows XP x64, Windows XP x32
AVer TV v.6.3.1
1. Support Microsoft Windows 7
2. To be compatitble with SnugTV
3. For Russia and CIS Countries Only.
- Change FM timeshft saved file's extention name from *.mpg to *.mpa
- Support Microsoft Windows 7

SnugTV Station v.3.3
SnugTV StationTM makes your PC becoming an Internet TV streaming station, digitizing and delivering your home TV signal through internet connection.
Just go to SnugTV website ( and log in a personal account, you can watch home TV online anywhere.
1.Online schedule recording
2.SleepTimer and Remote Wake-up
3.Host Relay Service to solve internet connection issues.
Supported Devices:
info AVerDVD EZMaker WDM Video Capture
info AVerMedia A16A/A16AR PCI Hybrid DVB-T
info AVerMedia A16AR PCI DVB-T
info AVerMedia A16B PCI DVB-T
info AVerMedia A16D PCI Analog
info AVerMedia A16D PCI Hybrid DVB-T
info AVerMedia AVerTVHD MCE A180
info AVerMedia E500 CardBus Analog
info AVerMedia E501 CardBus Analog
info AVerMedia E506 CardBus Analog
info AVerMedia E506 CardBus Hybrid DVB-T
info AVerMedia M103 MiniPCI Analog
info AVerMedia M103 MiniPCI Hybrid DVB-T
info AVerMedia M105 MiniPCI Analog
info AVerMedia M10C MiniPCI Hybrid ATSC
Hardware IDs:
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_02551461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_03551461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_10441461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_10FF1461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_11361461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_21151461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_2C041461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_97141461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_97151461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_A00A1461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_A00B1461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_A01A1461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_A01B1461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_A10A1461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_A10B1461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_A1151461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_A11A1461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_A11B1461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7133&SUBSYS_00551461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7133&SUBSYS_01551461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7133&SUBSYS_02E21461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7133&SUBSYS_02E31461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7133&SUBSYS_03E21461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7133&SUBSYS_03E31461
info PCI\VEN_1131&DEV_7133&SUBSYS_04551461
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