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WinRAR Archiver

WinRAR is a trialware file archiver utility for Windows, developed by Eugene Roshal of win.rar GmbH. It can create and view archives in RAR or ZIP file formats, reduce the size of email attachments and unpack numerous archive file formats downloaded from Internet. Better compression, easier use, lower price. You can try WinRAR before buy, its trial version is available in this page.

WinRAR is supported by win.rar GmbH on the following editions of Windows 10: Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education аnd Windows 10 Enterprise. WinRAR is supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10 including - Current Branch, Current Branch for Business and the Long-Term Servicing branches.

English WinRAR and RAR release

Software nameUser interfaceLicenseSize
WinRAR x86 (32 bit) 5.91Graphical and command lineTrial2959 KB
WinRAR x64 (64 bit) 5.91Graphical and command lineTrial3170 KB
RAR for Android on Google PlayGraphical onlyFree
RAR for Android 5.90 build 88 local copyGraphical onlyFree7413 KB
RAR 5.91 for LinuxCommand line onlyTrial592 KB
RAR 5.91 for Linux x64Command line onlyTrial581 KB
RAR 5.91 for FreeBSDCommand line onlyTrial542 KB
RAR 5.91 for FreeBSD x64Command line onlyTrial585 KB
RAR 5.91 for macOS (64 bit)Command line onlyTrial573 KB
WinRAR interface themesGraphical onlyFree

Localized WinRAR versions

Arabic (32 bit)5.913004 KB
Arabic (64 bit)5.913216 KB
Armenian (32 bit)5.913003 KB
Armenian (64 bit)5.913215 KB
Azerbaijani (32 bit)5.712908 KB
Azerbaijani (64 bit)5.713113 KB
Belarusian (32 bit)5.712915 KB
Belarusian (64 bit)5.713120 KB
Bulgarian (32 bit)5.902993 KB
Bulgarian (64 bit)5.903204 KB
Burmese (Myanmar) (32 bit)5.712901 KB
Burmese (Myanmar) (64 bit)5.713106 KB
Catalan (32 bit)5.903041 KB
Catalan (64 bit)5.903251 KB
Chinese Simplified (32 bit)5.903055 KB
Chinese Simplified (64 bit)5.903266 KB
Chinese Traditional (32 bit)5.913206 KB
Chinese Traditional (64 bit)5.913425 KB
Croatian (32 bit)5.913005 KB
Croatian (64 bit)5.913217 KB
Czech (32 bit)5.903143 KB
Czech (64 bit)5.903394 KB
Danish (32 bit)5.913001 KB
Danish (64 bit)5.913213 KB
Dutch (32 bit)5.913284 KB
Dutch (64 bit)5.913493 KB
English (32 bit)5.912959 KB
English (64 bit)5.913170 KB
Estonian (32 bit)5.712905 KB
Estonian (64 bit)5.713110 KB
Euskera (32 bit)5.903039 KB
Euskera (64 bit)5.903115 KB
Finnish (32 bit)5.913003 KB
Finnish (64 bit)5.913215 KB
French (32 bit)5.913056 KB
French (64 bit)5.913265 KB
Galician (32 bit)5.903038 KB
Galician (64 bit)5.903114 KB
Georgian (32 bit)5.912995 KB
Georgian (64 bit)5.913207 KB
German (32 bit)5.913078 KB
German (64 bit)5.913308 KB
Greek (32 bit)5.913017 KB
Greek (64 bit)5.913230 KB
Hebrew (32 bit)5.912990 KB
Hebrew (64 bit)5.913209 KB
Hungarian (32 bit)5.913007 KB
Hungarian (64 bit)5.913217 KB
Indonesian (32 bit)5.913003 KB
Indonesian (64 bit)5.913216 KB
Italian (32 bit)5.903129 KB
Italian (64 bit)5.903339 KB
Japanese (32 bit)5.903073 KB
Japanese (64 bit)5.903291 KB
Korean (32 bit)5.913054 KB
Korean (64 bit)5.913266 KB
Lithuanian (32 bit)5.913035 KB
Lithuanian (64 bit)5.913246 KB
Mongolian (32 bit)5.913011 KB
Mongolian (64 bit)5.913224 KB
Norwegian (32 bit)5.712906 KB
Norwegian (64 bit)5.713111 KB
Persian (32 bit)5.913006 KB
Persian (64 bit)5.913218 KB
Polish (32 bit)5.903177 KB
Polish (64 bit)5.903390 KB
Portuguese (32 bit)5.913003 KB
Portuguese (64 bit)5.913215 KB
Portuguese Brazilian (32 bit)5.915216 KB
Portuguese Brazilian (64 bit)5.915426 KB
Romanian (32 bit)5.913002 KB
Romanian (64 bit)5.913212 KB
Russian (32 bit)5.913129 KB
Russian (64 bit)5.913381 KB
Serbian Cyrillic (32 bit)5.913042 KB
Serbian Cyrillic (64 bit)5.913260 KB
Slovak (32 bit)5.913087 KB
Slovak (64 bit)5.913297 KB
Slovenian (32 bit)5.912982 KB
Slovenian (64 bit)5.913200 KB
Spanish (32 bit)5.903038 KB
Spanish (64 bit)5.903248 KB
Spanish Colombian (32 bit)5.913127 KB
Spanish Colombian (64 bit)5.913340 KB
Swedish (32 bit)5.913001 KB
Swedish (64 bit)5.913213 KB
Thai (32 bit)5.913024 KB
Thai (64 bit)5.913239 KB
Turkish (32 bit)5.913002 KB
Turkish (64 bit)5.913215 KB
Ukrainian (32 bit)5.912998 KB
Ukrainian (64 bit)5.913221 KB
Uzbek (32 bit)5.712934 KB
Uzbek (64 bit)5.713139 KB
Vietnamese (32 bit)5.712913 KB
Vietnamese (64 bit)5.713117 KB

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