Old Zeling Motherboards System BIOS Library

Shen Zhen Zeling Industrial Co., Ltd.

On this page you can see the BIOS list for old motherboards from Zeling company. The promising company Shen Zhen zeling Industrial Co., Ltd. From mainland China-a certain kind of sign. Not far away is the time when... However, we will not guess! The company's website is no longer available.

Award Software Vendor Code - Z3

List of System BIOS for Zeling Motherboards

Model BIOS Date Bios String
ZL-M5A1 M5A1-002 04/02/99 ALi-154x-2A5KI00AC-00
ZL-M5A2 M5A2-003 08/13/99 ALADDIN5-2A5KK00AC-00
ZL-M5S1 M5S1-008 11/22/99 SiS-530-2A5IMZ39C-00
ZL-M5V0 M5V0-002 08/03/99 580VPX-VIA83669-2A5LD00DC-00
ZL-M5V0 M5V0-003 10/07/99 580VPX-VIA83669-2A5LD00DC-00
ZL-M5V3 M5V3-003 08/03/99 580VPX-VIA83669-2A5LD00DC-00
ZL-M5V8 M5V8-001 07/16/99 VP4-686A-2A5LH00AC-00
ZL-M6A1 M6A1-003 04/14/99 1621-DB66-2A6KL00BC-00
ZL-M6I2 M6I2-005 06/14/99 i440BX-W977TF-2A69KZ3AC-00
M6I3 M6I3-003 10/07/99 i810(E)-47B27-6A69MZ39C-00
M6I5 M6I5-003 10/07/99 i810(E)-47B27-6A69MZ39C-00
M6I6 M6I6-001 09/06/99 i810-47B27X-6A69MZ39C-00
M6I7 M6I7-001 09/06/99 i810-47B27X-6A69MZ39C-00
ZL-M6S1 M6S1-003 10/10/99 SiS-620-2A6INJ19C-00
ZL-M6V1 M6V1-002 08/11/99 693-596-W977-2A6LGZ3AC-00
ZL-M6V2 M6V2-001 06/11/99 693-686A-2A6LG00BC-00