Old Tyan Motherboards System BIOS Library

Tyan Computer Corp.

On this page you can see the BIOS list for old motherboards from Tyan company. The only company replacing orientation from the production of SUN compatible systems for the production of motherboards for personal computers is Tyan computer Corp. For ten years of impeccable reputation the firm has come to a clear understanding of what to do and how to do it. Reputation could be and not impeccable, on it many times various computer filibusters. It is worth to remember at least unlicensed use of the code T5 company Amptron! The company Tyan demonstrates a pragmatic approach to the configuration of its motherboard BIOS.

Almost all motherboards on the chipset from Intel are equipped with Amibios, all other boards are equipped with Awardbios. In exceptional cases Phoenixbios-the unconditional leader enters the case.

Award Software Vendor Code - T5
AMI Manufacturer Code - 6285, 9999

List of System BIOS for Tyan Motherboards

Model BIOS Date Bios String
Typhoon S1452 V1.1 09/28/94 MERCURY-2B597T51
Typhoon S1452 V2.0 10/01/94 09/27/94-MERCURY-2B597T51
Typhoon S1452 V1.0   51-0100-006285-00101111-101094-MERCEISA
Typhoon S1452 V2.0 06/15/95 51-0100-006285-00101111-101094-MERCEISA
Tempest2 S1462 V1.0 03/21/95 NEPTUNE-2B59AT51
Tempest2 S1462 V2.0 09/11/95 09/07/95-NEPTUNE-2B59AT51
Tempest2 S1462 V2.01 01/24/96 NEPTUNE-2B59AT51
Tempest2 S1462 V2A 12/04/95 09/07/95-NEPTUNE-2B59AT51
Tempest2 S1462 V2.0n 01/24/96 NEPTUNE-2B59AT51 with NCR
Tempest2 S1462 V1.0   51-0100-006285-00111111-101094-NEPTUNE
Tempest2 S1462 V2.0 5/22/95 51-0100-006285-00111111-101094-NEPTUNE
Titan III S1468FX V2.2 08/30/95 07/20/95-TRITON-2A59CT5JC
Titan III S1468FX V2.4 12/08/95 12/06/95-TRITON-2A59CT5JC
Titan III S1468FX V2.5 01/18/96 TRITON-2A59CT5JC
Titan III S1468FX V3.00 03/11/96 03/06/96-i430FX-2A59CT5JC
Titan III S1468FX V3.01 03/11/96 03/07/96-i430FX-2A59CT5KC
Titan III S1468FX V2.5n 01/18/96 01/05/96-TRITON-2A59CT5JC with NCR
Titan III S1468FX V3.n1 03/19/96 03/07/96-i430FX-2A59CT5KC with NCR
Titan III S1468FX V4.01 12/30/96 i430FX-2A59CT5JC with MMX
Titan III S1468FX V2.4 12/14/95 AMIBIOS
Titan III S1468FX V3.01 04/30/96 AMIBIOS
Titan III S1468FX V4.01b 10/13/98 i430FX-2A59CT5KC
Titan III S1468FX Y2K 10/13/98 i430FX-2A59CT5KC
Titan-VX S1469 0625 07/15/95 AMIBIOS, 82430VX
Titan-VX S1470 0625 07/15/95 AMIBIOS, 82430VX
Titan-VX V3.00 11/08/96 10/31/96-i430VX-2A59GT5JC
Titan-VX V3.01 12/03/96 i430VX-2A59GT5JC
Titan-VX V3.02 01/03/97 i430VX-2A59GT5JC
Titan-VX V4.00 05/09/97 i430VX-2A59GT5JC