Old Soyo Motherboards System BIOS Library

Soyo Computer Inc.

On this page you can see the BIOS list for old motherboards from Soyo company. The most noteworthy event in the history of Soyo Computer Inc. Will remain the use of chipsets Eteq Microsystems, INC. A significant number of early boards were produced on these sets of system logic. The more amazing was the way the VIA chipset was remarked. Presumably, the essence of what is happening is that earlier Soyo designed its products on components from the SiS, the convergence with via for this reason was long and painful. The logo of the company testifies to the influence of its weather products. And no wonder! Translated from Chinese - "Four Seasons".

Award Software Vendor Code - S2
AMI Manufacturer Code - 1102, 1868

List of System BIOS for Soyo Motherboards

Model BIOS Date Bios String
25R2 Rev B2 08/28/95 UMC-498GP-2C4X6S21-00
27B Rev B2 05/02/95 UMC-881/886A-2A4X5S22-00
30H Rev B2 12/07/95 SiS-496-497/A/B-2A4IBS2AC-00
30H2 Rev B1 08/22/95 SiS-496-497/A/B-2A4IBS2hC-00
31A Rev A4 08/21/95 NEPTUNE-2B59AS21-00
33A Rev B2 06/22/95 SiS-501-503-2A5IAS22-00
33A Rev C2 08/15/96 SiS-501-503-2A5IAS21C-00
33A2 Rev D1 06/05/97 SiS-501-503-2A5IAS21C-00
4SA Rev 0730 07/30/97 SiS-496-497/A/B-2A4IBS2hC-00
4SAW Rev WA3 12/05/95 SiS-496-497/A/B-2A4IBS29C-00
4SAW Rev WA53 07/03/96 SiS-496-497/A/B-2A4IBS29C-00
4SAW Rev WA0911 09/11/97 SiS-496-497/A/B-2A4IBS29C-00
5EA Rev D5 10/23/97 EQ82C6618A-ETEQ-2A5LDS29C-00
5SA Rev 0704B 07/04/97 SiS-5501-5503-2A5ICS24C-00
5SM Ver 3.0 05/17/96 SiS-5511-5513-2A5IDS2BC-00
5SV Rev A2 01/27/96 SiS-5511-5513-2A5IDS2BC-00
5SW Rev A2 01/27/96 SiS-5511-5513-2A5IDS2BC-00
5TA Rev A4 07/12/95 TRITON-2A59CS2HC-00
5TAN Rev 0823 08/22/97 i430FX-2A59CS2HC-0
5TAW Rev A30 10/01/96 i430FX-2A59CS2NC-00
5TB Rev A 07/17/95 TRITON-2A59CS2JC-00
5TCS Rev 1015 10/14/97 i430FX-2A59CS2LC-00
5TCU Rev UA2.3 04/09/96 i430FX-2A59CS2PC-00
5TD Rev A4 07/12/95 TRITON-2A59CS2HC-00
5TE Rev 0721 08/21/97 i430FX-2A59CS2TC-00
5TF Rev 0514/2108 01/04/2K i430HX-2A59FS2AC-00
5TH Rev 1021 10/21/98 i430HX-2A59FS2DC-00
5TS Rev 0430/2180 04/30/99 i430HX-2A59FS29C-00
5TT Rev 2A5 07/28/97 i430TX-W977-2A59IS2BC-00
5TX Rev 0713 07/13/98 i430HX-2A59FS2CC-00
5VA Rev 0911 09/25/97 i430VX-8669-2A59GS2IC-00
5VC Rev 0721 07/21/97 i430VX-ITE8680-2A59GS2GC-00
5VD Rev 1BA1 11/19/98 i430VX-ITE868-2A59GS2GC-0
5VM Rev 1001 10/01/97 i430VX-ALi514X-2A59GS2KC-00
5VX Rev 1C 04/09/97 i430VX-2A59GS2AC-00 (1 Mbit)
5VX Rev 0814 08/22/97 i430VX-2A59GS2AC-00 (2 Mbit)