Old Qdi Motherboards System BIOS Library

Legend QDI

On this page you can see the BIOS list for old motherboards from Qdi company. We can safely say that the company Qdi has a refined taste. Taste for Novatorstu and creativity. The traditions laid down by Qdi Computer Inc. In the i386 era are still continuing after the reorganization of Legend Holdings Ltd.

Award Software Vendor Code - Q1
AMI Manufacturer Code - 8003

List of System BIOS for Qdi Motherboards

Model BIOS Date Bios String
A386DX/33 V1.0S 07/07/91 30-0001-428003-00101111-070791-ACC2046
UMC8880A V2.3 01/04/96 Phoenix BIOS
OPTi895GRN IVN1.4 22/11/95 40-2214-428003-00101111-072594-OPTI802
SIS 471G INV1.3 09/01/96 40-1201-428003-00001111-072594-SIS471
SIS 471G INV9.3 09/01/96 40-1201-428003-00001111-072594-SIS471
P5MVP3/A3 V2.0SL 03/17/99 MVP3-586B-8661-2A5LEQ1AC-00
P5I430TX V2.4S 09/15/97 i430TX-NS336-2A59IQ19C-00 (TITANIUM I )
P5V580 VP3 AII V2.1S 06/08/98 VP3-586B-8661-2A5LEQ19C-00
P5V580 VP3 AII V2.7SL 11/02/98 VP3-586B-8661-2A5LEQ1BC-00
P6I440BX BrillianX-1 V2.0SL 12/16/99 i440BX-W977TF-2A69KQ19C-00
P6I440LX Legend V V2.0SL 01/05/99 i440LX-W309-2A69JQ1DC-00