Old Iwill Motherboards System BIOS Library

Iwill Corp.

On this page you can see the BIOS list for old motherboards from Iwill company. On April 18, IWill celebrates its next jubilee, which is being counted since 1989. Few people know that for more than 20 years of history, the corporation has repeatedly dictated fashion to the market of personal computers. And if innovations such as additional SCSI and IDE adapters on board have sunk into oblivion, registered as a trademark, the motherboard with the SCSI controller installed is now the de facto standard for server solutions. On everything, as they say, the Will of God!

Award Software Vendor Code - I9
AMI Manufacturer Code - 1114

List of System BIOS for Iwill Motherboards

Model BIOS Date Bios String
P54AS 1005 08/10/95 SiS-501-503-2A5IAI31C
P54ASW 1005 08/10/95 SiS-501-503-2A5IAI32C
P55AVW 0414 04/11/97 i430VX,Ali5123-2A59GI3DC (P54AVW ?)
P54TI 0113 01/13/96 i430FX-2A59CPAIC
P54TS 0626 06/25/96 i430FX-2A59CI3DC
P54TSLite 0626 06/25/96 i430FX-2A59CI3DC
P54TSW 0306 03/05/96 i430FX-2A59CI3CC
P54TSW2 0626 06/25/96 i430FX-2A59CI3EC
P55V2 v2032497 03/24/97 i430VX-W877-2A59GPA9C