Old Fic Motherboards System BIOS Library

First International Computer, Inc.

On this page you can see the BIOS list for old motherboards from Fic company. Honored veteran-such words can characterize the company with more than Dvadcatiletnim experience. Now First International Computer, as well as a reputable company, cares more about the quality of products sold under the brands Toshiba and NEC. At the dawn of the era of personal computers, the company FIC demonstrated its special view of things. Most of the development for I386 was performed on the Symphony chipset. Thus was built the strength and power of the current company Winbond. FIC played an important role in the success of VIA by selecting its chipsets for its motherboards i486. The user in those years got an opportunity to maneuver, using to his liking either Amibios or Awardbios.

Award Software Vendor Code - F0
AMI Manufacturer Code - 1121

xxxxx101 --> for EPROM, xxxxx701 --> for EEPROM using a Flash Utility v5.02
xxxxBxxx --> NS 311/312 IO Core Logic, xxxxCxxx --> NS 332 IO Core Logic
xxxxGxxx --> Winbond W83787F IO Core Logic, xxxxJxxx --> Winbond W83877F IO Core Logic

List of System BIOS for Fic Motherboards

Model BIOS Date Bios String
S1A 0200 05/05/91 AMIBIOS for 386DX/SX
??? Ver 5.14 05/09/95 VT82C505-2A4L4000-00
??? 1.164G701 05/28/96 VT496G-2A4L6F0IC-00
??? 2.05C800 03/14/96 VT82C570-2A5L7F0HC-00