Old Esc Motherboards System BIOS Library

Elitgroup Computer Co., Ltd.

On this page you can see the BIOS list for old motherboards from Esc company. The right to be considered the most intelligent company belongs to Elitgroup Computer Co., Ltd. It is appreciated by the leaders of sales of finished systems. And ECS always went to meet the wishes of brands. The soft and unobtrusive offer of BIOS from various manufacturers AMI, Award, Phoenix always meets the requirements of the market. It is hard to underestimate that Elitgroup was one of the first to use SCSI solutions on motherboards designed to be used in workstations. And these boards are made as a chic expensive car.

Award Software Vendor Code - E1
AMI Manufacturer Code - 1131

List of System BIOS for Esc Motherboards

Model BIOS Date Bios String
M4133 Ver 1.20 09/17/94 Viglen Contender Personal Computer v.1.10
ALi M1429G/M1431, Um82C865F/Um82C863F
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5428
SA486PAIO-II Ver 1.3 08/29/94 PhoenixBIOS Version 4.03, Intel Saturn II:
S82378ZB, S82424ZX, S82423TX;
SMC 37C665GT/Um82C865F; NCR53C810
UM8812AIO Ver 1.2f 09/30/96 UMC-881/886A-2A4X5E1HC-00 for SMC37C661
UM8812AIO Ver 2.0 10/02/96 UMC-881/886A-2A4X5E1HC-00 for SMC37C665
UM8810PAIO Ver 1.0 09/27/94 09/27/94-UMC-881/886-2A4X5E11-00
UM8810PAIO Ver 3.2h 06/27/96 PhoenixBIOS Version 4.04 Plug and Play
UP8810AVIO PCB 2.x 01/08/96 PhoenixBIOS Version 4.04 Plug and Play for PCB2.X
UP8810AVIO PCB 3.x 01/08/96 PhoenixBIOS Version 4.04 Plug and Play for PCB3.X
UM4980 Ver 2.2b 10/03/96 PhoenixBIOS Version 4.04
UM4981AIO Ver 2.2d 09/24/96 PhoenixBIOS Version 4.04