Old Css Motherboards System BIOS Library

CSS Laboratories, Inc.

On this page you can see the BIOS list for old motherboards from Css company. Hardly CSS Laboratories, Inc. Can be considered the manufacturer of motherboards, most likely-ideologists manufacturers. This honorary title should be assigned to the first developer of Green PC, where the tire technology EISA was first used.

Award Software Vendor Code - CS
AMI Manufacturer Code - 6081

List of System BIOS for Css Motherboards

Model BIOS Date Bios String
- 0AAER013 12/01/97 51-0000-006081-00111111-071595-TRITON
- 0AAER009 08-12-97 51-0500-006081-00111111-071595-TRITON
Triton I BIOS 07/18/96 06/25/96-i430HX-2A59FCSSC-00
Triton II BIOS 02/17/96 02/15/96-TRITON-2A59CCSSC-00
Triton II BIOS 04/02/96 04/01/96-TRITON-2A59CCSSC-00