Old Acorp Motherboards System BIOS Library

ACORP International

On this page you can see the BIOS list for old motherboards from Acorp company. What can be told about the manufacturer, for which there is no more space in the Award classifier with the letter A? The history of Acorp International began with the resale of the motherboards Azza, Fordlian and San Li. The history of Acorp not promised anything interesting. But five years in the market of motherboards changed these ideas. Its own production, backed up by fresh innovative ideas and original constructive solutions, changed the world.

Award Software Vendor Code - X3

List of System BIOS for Acorp Motherboards

Model BIOS Date Bios String
5VX30S Ver E 08/27/97 i430VX-2A59GSMBC
586 V+ Ver E 08/27/97 i430VX-2A59GSMBC
5HX4 file 03/27/97 i430HX-W877-2A59FP89C
5TX29 Ver 1.2 06/16/98 i430TX-ALi513-2A59IF99C
5TX32 Ver B 07/04/97 i430TX-2A59ISM9C
5TX52 Ver H 07/22/98 i430TX-2A59ISWBC
6BX67 Ver 1.4C 02/09/99 i440BX-W977TF-2A69KF9AC
6BX67 Ver 1.4 02/09/99 i440BX-W977TF-2A69KF99C
6BX81 Ver 1B 03/01/99 i440BX-SMC60X-2A69KX3DC
6BX81 Ver 2D 22/10/00 i440BX-SMC60X-2A69KX3GC
6BX86 Ver 1C 03/02/99 i440BX-SMC60X-2A69KX39C
6BX86 Ver 2D 11/10/00 i440BX-SMC60X-2A69KX3IC
6ZX81 Ver 1D 03/02/99 i440ZX-SMC60X-2A69KX3FC
6ZX81 Ver 2B 03/16/99 i440ZX-SMC60X-2A69KX3HC
6ZX86 Ver B 11/13/98 i440BX-SMC60X-2A69KX39C
6ZX86 Ver 2C 09/01/00 i440ZX-SMC60X-2A69KX3JC
6BX98 Ver A 01/28/99 i440BX-W977TF-2A69KX3AC
6LX68 Ver 1B 03/02/99 i440LX-SMC602-2A69JSWDC
6LX66 Ver A13 07/30/98 i440LX-ITE867-2A69JF99C
6FX4 BIOS 06/16/97 i440FX-669-2A69HP8AC
6LX54 Ver E 01/29/99 i440LX-SMC602-2A69JSW9C
6LX87 Ver 2B 03/01/99 i440LX-SMC602-2A69JX3BC
6LX87 Ver 1B 02/26/99 i440LX-SMC602-2A69JX39C
6ZX82 Ver 2A 05/21/99 i440ZX-SMC602-2A69KX3RC
6EX68 Ver 1B 03/02/99 i440LX-SMC602-2A69JSWDC
6EX68 Ver A 08/27/98 i440LX-SMC602-2A69JSWDC
6EX68W Ver E2 10/01/98 i440EX-W977TF-2A69JF9EC
6ZX85 Ver 2B 09/01/00 i440ZX-SMC60X-2A69KX3OC
6M810C Ver A 08/24/99 i810-47B27X-6A69MX39C
6M810CN Ver B 07/11/00 i810-47B27X-6A69MX39C
5SIS98 Ver B0.1 07/03/98 SiS-5598-2A5IIJ1AC
5SIS22 Ver A0.7 06/30/98 SiS5571-2A5IHJ1AC
5ALI61 Ver 1.4 09/06/99 ALADDIN5-2A5KKF9AC
5ALI61 Ver 1.3a 03/08/99 ALADDIN5-2A5KKF9AC
5ALI61 Ver 2.2_33 11/02/99 ALADDIN5-2A5KKF9DC
5ALI61 Ver 3.3_66 02/02/00 ALADDIN5-2A5KKF9BC
6VIA86 Ver C 01/04/99 693-596-SMC-2A6LGX3AC
6VIA86 Ver 2D 10/15/99 693-596-SMC-2A6LGX3EC
6VIA86P Ver C 11/17/99 693-596-SMC-2A6LGX3MC
6VIA86P Ver D 05/29/00 693-596-SMC-2A6LGX3MC
5VIA Ver E 05/29/97 VT82C580VP-PRIM-2A5LASMAC
5VIA3P Ver C.2 12/02/97 580VPX-SMC669-2A5LDSMBC
5VIA5S Ver C 07/13/98 VP3-586B-W877-2A5LESW9C
5VIA73 Ver A 12/10/99 VP4-686A-2A5LHX3BC
5VIA73 Ver B 09/16/99 VP4-686A-2A5LHX3AC
5VIA77 Ver A5 03/08/99 MVP3-586B-W87-2A5LEX3AC
5VIA77 Ver A6 03/23/99 VP3-586B-W877-2A5LE00AC
5VIA88 Ver V1.1 08/17/98 MVP3-586B-ITE-2A5LEF99C
6VIA81 Ver 2C 09/13/00 693-596-SMC-2A6LGX3CC
6VIA81P 11/17/99   693-596-SMC-2A6LGX3JC
6VIA82P Ver 0.3 10/18/00 693-596-SMC-2A6LGX3HC
6VIA82 Ver B 05/05/00 693-596-SMC-2A6LGX3HC
6VIA83 Ver 1.0 06/27/00 693-596-SMC-2A6LGX3LC
6VIA85 Ver 2D 11/06/00 693-596-SMC-2A6LGX3GC
6VIA85P Ver D 07/13/00 693-596-SMC-2A6LGX3PC
6VIA89 Ver 1.1 06/23/00 694X-686A-6A6LJX39C
6VIA90 Ver 1.1 07/04/00 694X-686A-6A6LJX39C
6VIA98 Ver 1.3 04/26/99 693-596-W977-2A6LGX39C
6VIA83B Ver 1.2I 10/06/00 693-596-W977-2A6LGF9DC
6VIA83B Ver 1.2W 04/27/00 693-596-W977-2A6LGF9DC
6VIA81-PC133 Ver D 05/08/00 693-596-SMC-2A6LGX3JC
6VIA90A1 Ver 1.3 12/06/00 694X-686A-6A6LJX3AC