Old Abit Motherboards System BIOS Library

Abit Computer Corp.

On this page you can see the BIOS list for old motherboards from Abit company. Trendsetter and one of the oldest manufacturers of motherboards, the company ABIT differs original design idea. The basis of technical solutions-novelty and reliance on new partners-strong journeymen: SiS, Winbond and others.

Award Software Vendor Code - A1
AMI Manufacturer Code - 1247

List of System BIOS for Abit Motherboards

Model BIOS Date Bios String
AE4 Rev 4 10/21/92 SIS-486/EISA-154I500C-00
SiS 85C431, SiS85C420, SiS 85C411,
SiS 85C405, SiS 85C406
AH4 Rev 02 08/30/95 SIS-85C471E/G-2C4I9A12-02
PB4P Rev F2 07/03/96 ALI-1487/89-2A4KDA1BC-F2
PE5C Rev 8E 12/07/95 SiS-5501-503-2A5ICA12C-8E
PGH5S Rev D8 04/24/96 SiS-5511B-5513-2A5IDA1FC-D8
PI4 Rev 0B 09/25/95 SiS-496-497/A/B-2A4IBA11C-0B
PKS5 Rev 28 06/20/95 SiS-501-503-2A5IAA11-28
PM4 Rev 0C 09/04/95 SiS-496-497/A/B-2A4IBA13C-0C
PT5X Rev C8 04/18/96 i430FX-2A59CA1DC-C8
PV4V Rev 0A 09/26/95 SiS-496-497/A/B-2A4IBA12C-0A
PW4 Rev 2E 09/12/95 Winbond-83C491-2C4J6A12-2E
PW4 Rev 46 03/21/95 Winbond-83C491-2C4J6A11-46
PW4 Rev 60 01/05/95 SYM-SL82C491/49-2C4J6A12-60
PN5 Rev 0J 08/19/96 i430HX-2A59FA1CC-0J
PN5 Rev 9U 01/21/98 i430HX-2A59FA1CC-9U