Old A-trend Motherboards System BIOS Library

A-Trend Technology Co., Ltd.

On this page you can see the BIOS list for old motherboards from A-trend company.Award Software Vendor Code - A2, AMI Manufacturer Code - 1117

List of System BIOS for A-trend Motherboards

Model BIOS Date Bios String
ATC-1000 Ver 2.41 06/13/96 i430FX-2A59CA29C-00
ATC-1000+ Ver 1.304 09/24/97 i430VX-2A59GA29C-00
ATC-1020 Ver 1.3002 03-25-97 i430VX-2A59GA29C-00
ATC-1020+ Ver 1.306 09/24/97 i430VX-2A59GA29C-00
ATC-1411B U5 Ver 1.1 06/20/95 UMC-498GP-2C4X6A20-00
ATC-1415 Ver 3.30 07/09/96 UMC-881/886B-2A4X5A2HC-00
ATC-1425A Ver 2.0N 11/03/95 SiS-496-497/A/B-2A4IBA2HC-00
ATC-1425B Ver 2.1W 11/04/95 SiS-496-497/A/B-2A4IBA2BC-00
ATC-1425B Ver 2.31W 04/18/96 SiS-496-497/A/B-2A4IBA2BC-00
ATC-1535 Ver 1.0 11/28/95 11/07/95-TRITON-2A59CA29C-00
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