LAN / Network card Drivers

LAN / Network card

If you are viewing this page, we can assume that you are looking for a LAN / Network card driver, manual or firmware. On this page are all the manufacturers of LAN / Network cards, which have drivers on our site. The site includes an easy step-by-step process for finding and downloading LAN / Network card drivers, manuals or firmwares. Selecting the correct LAN / Network card manufacturer, in the next step you will go to the choice of the LAN / Network card model. Please select the correct LAN / Network card manufacturer.

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What are drivers?

A device driver is a set of instructions. The driver tells the computer what to do with the hardware you are installing on it. For example, you have a new lan / network card. You do not have programs installed on your computer that you can use to manage all kinds of lan / network cards, because all lan / network cards are slightly different from each other. Therefore, your lan / network card needs something that might tell it what to do. Device drivers are created by hardware manufacturers (in this case, the lan / network card manufacturer) and provide very clear instructions for your operating system on how to use the device.

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