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You can start downloading the AzureWave webcam Driver for Asus A52JE,  K50C,  K52JB,  K52JE,  PRO5IJB,  PRO5IJE,  PRO5IJK,  PRO5IJr,  X5IJB,  X5IJE,  X5IJK,  X5IJr,  X52JB,  X52JR laptops. To start download file, click green «download» button on page below. We advise you to use a variety of download managers like «FlashGet» or «Download Master». Also, you can go back to the list of drivers and choose a different driver for Asus A52JE Laptop.

To start the download, select one of the servers and click "download"

RAR AzureWave webcam Driver
16.5 Mb
Version, Date:
5.8.54000.205, 24.02.2010
Operation Systems:
Windows 7 x64, Windows 7 x32
This driver is for below PID code:

HardwareID2=USB\VID_13D3 and PID_5120 and MI_00
HardwareID3=USB\VID_13D3 and PID_5130 and MI_00

How do I find the right camera driver on the download site, and install the driver correctly? Please follow below steps to proceed.

1. Enter into device manager.
2. Choose USB 2.0... WebCam, and right click to go to "Property".
3. Click "Detail", and find the PID number in "Value" as shown below.
4. According to the PID number and the model name, you can find the right driver on the site.
5. Please remember to uninstall the previous camera driver before install the right driver from download site. There're 2 ways to uninstall completely.
a. Uninstall the camera in device manager, and restart the notebook.
b. Uninstall the camera driver in control panel, and restart the notebook.
Supported Devices:
info USB2.0 UVC 1.3M WebCam
info USB2.0 UVC 2M WebCam
info USB2.0 UVC 3M WebCam
info USB2.0 UVC VGA WebCam
Hardware IDs:
info USB\VID_13D3&PID_5082
info USB\VID_13D3&PID_5082&MI_00
info USB\VID_13d3&PID_5101
info USB\VID_13d3&PID_5101&MI_00
info USB\VID_13D3&PID_5102
info USB\VID_13D3&PID_5102&MI_00
info USB\VID_13D3&PID_5104
info USB\VID_13D3&PID_5104&MI_00
info USB\VID_13D3&PID_5105
info USB\VID_13D3&PID_5105&MI_00
info USB\VID_13d3&PID_5106
info USB\VID_13d3&PID_5106&MI_00
info USB\VID_13D3&PID_5108
info USB\VID_13D3&PID_5108&MI_00
info USB\VID_13d3&PID_5113
info USB\VID_13d3&PID_5113&MI_00
info USB\VID_13d3&PID_5114
info USB\VID_13d3&PID_5114&MI_00
info USB\VID_13D3&PID_5118
info USB\VID_13D3&PID_5118&MI_00
info USB\VID_13D3&PID_5120
info USB\VID_13D3&PID_5120&MI_00
info USB\VID_13d3&PID_5122
info USB\VID_13d3&PID_5122&MI_00
info USB\VID_13D3&PID_5129
This file also fits the following Asus laptop models:
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