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Synaptics Touchpad Driver
20.7 Mb
Version, Date:, 16.12.2010
Operation System:
Linux, Windows Vista x64, Windows Vista x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 7 x32, Windows XP x64, Windows XP x32
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Bug Fixes:

- Added Plugin COM interface.
- Added Reg keys for using SMB_port.
- Added print to Driver Info page.
- Updated Setup.exe to install Smb driver.
- Updated tips position to use WIN32 API to calculate the working area" since user could change the taskbar size and position by wish.
- Added OS packet log creation feature.
- Changed the location of the html files from %Program FiIes% to %AllUsersProfile%" since we only use playlists.
- Separated cancelling scrolling when one finger leaves from restricted two finger scrolls.
- Linux i2c driver (in development) and associated test programs.
- Fixed the middle button help tips logic after S3 for the new ComApi2.
- Fixed TrackPoint stick cursor stopping at Scroll config in Auto over IE.
- Changed the default device to TouchPad when /CP is used without a number.
- Change the pinch active area to bigger size.
- Fixed "Minimize all Windows" to appear on cover gesture action list.
- Fixed unexpected taps with one finger to stay in button zone while another one is pointing.
- Fixed an unexpected pinch triggered in button zone for imaging sensor device.
- Enabled filter for IS by default.
- Made filter work for primary and secondary fingers when multiple finger filters are enabled.
- Changed Palm values for cursor response when fingers come together.
- Fixed an potential issue for wide finger to do 2F scrolling.
- Stopped issue end event in the middle of 2F dbl tap parsing.
- Fixed multi-finger-tap with filters turned on.
- Introduced a change to signal the kernel if buttons need to be enabled/disabled when enabling/disabling a device.
- Added USB touchscreen IDs at exclusion list" changed Alpha order in list.
- Modified the threshold for considering a stationary finger for two finger scroll gesture. Added a primary and secondary fingers direction check of two fingers scroll.
- Register Enhancement app from the installed directory.
- Added description of USB absolute packet.
- Fixed enable/disable setting should remain after sleep states.
- Created NGI_Test OEM package.
- Only allow 2F Vertical Scroll in button zone for Marketing_SGS94_UI.
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