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RARSynaptics Touchpad Driver and Software
19.6 Mb
Version, Date:, 07.04.2011
Operation Systems:
Windows 7 x64, Windows 7 x32, Windows Vista x64, Windows Vista x32, Windows XP x64, Windows XP x32, Linux
New Features:

- Updated INF to be compliant with future Windows requirement.

Bug Fixes:

- Made multiFinger taps more accurate.
- Added a linearity filter for OEM TouchPad.
- Added dynamic generation of Control Panel entries for Synaptic devices.
- Added support for customizing CPL tab name.
- Stopped to enum child window when it found the right case.
- More on USB Ctrl loggings.
- Allowed 2F scrolling with fingers merging and splitting.
- Adjusted the 2F-scrolling start speed to be smoother.
- Fixed an issue for 2F-scrolling with one finger in button zone.
- Decreased accumulated amount to add to 2F-H-scrolling to avoid big jump at beginning of scrolling.
- Fixed SmartSense GUI issue with default driver.
- Figure out which finger index is the one doing scrolling" so you do not stop scrolling when that finger is in a button zone.
- If Motion is suppressed on the interpolated packet" do not reset the packet queue flag. It does not seem to be necessary to reset m_iDer to 0?.
- Had the zones figure out when to Cancel instead of sending an empty packet.
- Extended the rectangle zone for top/left.
- Added new registry value for the new code" in the trunk.
- Fixed cursor drifting if tapping is registered.
- Fixed no include needs of ms mouse section in Services of INF section.
- Fixed corner clicking action does match to UI.
- Fixed a jumping issue of mouse property after loading a profile.
- "Enable Coasting" and "Enable Momentum Scrolling" should gray out when scrolling is disabled.
- Fixed drag drop in two fingers drag for ClickPad.
- Fixed PalmCheck-Advanced ACM translation at TW Chinese.
- Fixed cursor jumping when do 2F tapping with interpolation on.
- Fixed 4F-Flick is not in the GUI" when perform it works.
- A first draft method of scaling RMI positions to the standard coordinate system.
- Change to !Zone or is finger in button zone can just return a pointer to the zone or NULL.
- Customer ask to enable "DragLock" and "Two finger scroll coasting" features.
- Switch TouchPad off for one session" OEM inf.
- Uncheck and gray out coasting in 1 Finger scrolling.
- Removed the check of pkt last sequence number to have the chance to process first button packet without real last packet.
- Fixed the UI box appearing when running SynTPEnh.exe /cp from an elevated command prompt.
- Fixed problems with processing raw finger data.
- Removed unused queue.
- Added debug prints; removed C-style comments.
- Fixed paragraph space is missing for Cornerclick Help text.
- Removed unused code & variables.
Supported Devices:
infoSynaptics PS/2 Port Compatible TouchPad
infoSynaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad
Hardware IDs:

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