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Synaptics Touchpad Driver
23.6 Mb
Version, Date:, 05.05.2011
Operation System:
Linux, Windows Vista x64, Windows Vista x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 7 x32, Windows XP x64, Windows XP x32
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Bug Fixes:

- Improved pinch strip algorithm.
- Synchronized API call and device detection.
- K->Slope" B->Intercept.Move XDistanceRaw next to XDistance.
- Removed suppress limits for OEM and move it to the registry.
- Disabled read/writes to PS2 port when RMI port is active.
- Hide PS2Legacy in Cpl.
- Disabled twist cursor on F-Spot.
- Only allow setting for bc if no cursor tracking.
- Fixed the OSD stub.
- Improved the possible cursor jump with finger down in button zone.
- Needed to release mutex.
- Used TwistScale instead of SlideThreshold to speed up rotation recognition.
- Fixed Starting Zone bar shows enable even though you disable Enable Starting Zone.
- Only increment group # for TouchPad devices.
- Made pointer comparisons in asserts x64 compatible.
- Modified the code to check the major version or minor version of the installed driver version.
- Handled stale synset" rawdev files.
- Fixed Palm Check starting zone range for OEM.
- [HKCU\Control Panel\Mouse] will not be changed in Windows 7.
- Fixed the behavior when choosing 'Neither' in TrackPoint Settings.
- Added a condition that the LastActiveTimeStamp is not too far away.
- There's a potential race condition if 2 threads call GetInstance.
- Added SliderScale for 2F V/H scrolling for OEM.
- Changed default value and scale of Scrolling Speed for OEM.
- Fixed OEM request for scroll sensor control.
- Added configurable keywords for finding Synaptics control panel entries via Explorer Search.
- Removed unused code in Linux for posting events from other threads in the X server since we no longer need that.
- Fixed issue with NGI caused by incorrect filter index.
- Fixed an issue for convert2F to 1F clicking when one finger is in corner zone.
- Added Gesture API support for 4Finger gesture and 3Finger press.
- Created sample codes to show how to work with Gesture API SDK.
- Set scrolling region filter default to off.
- Only check for pinch strip if twist is enabled (bTwist).
- Added DBusEnh64 xml interface definition file to support the Linux x64 driver. It redefines FindWindow() with a 64bit return type.
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