Download D-MAX webcam Driver

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D-MAX webcam Driver
24.0 Mb
Version, Date:
7.11.719.002, 17.11.2009
Operation System:
Windows XP x64, Windows XP x32
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Europe IR102 Server online. Click to start download file.
Europe HL0 Server online. Click to start download file.
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This driver is for below PID code:

HardwareID=USB\\Vid_174F and Pid_8A11 and MI_00
HardwareID2=USB\\Vid_174F and Pid_8A12 and MI_00
HardwareID3=USB\\Vid_174F and Pid_8A31 and MI_00
HardwareID4=USB\\Vid_174F and Pid_8A32 and MI_00
HardwareID5=USB\\Vid_174F and Pid_8A33 and MI_00
HardwareID6=USB\\Vid_174F and Pid_8A56 and MI_00
HardwareID7=USB\\Vid_174F and Pid_8A34 and MI_00
HardwareID8=USB\\Vid_174F and Pid_8A36 and MI_00
HardwareID9=USB\\Vid_174F and Pid_8A37 and MI_00
HardwareID10=USB\\Vid_174F and Pid_8A38 and MI_00
HardwareID11=USB\\Vid_174F and Pid_8A54 and MI_00
HardwareID12=USB\\Vid_174F and Pid_8A55 and MI_00
HardwareID13=USB\\Vid_174F and Pid_8A51 and MI_00
HardwareID14=USB\\Vid_174F and Pid_1408 and MI_00
HardwareID15=USB\\Vid_174F and Pid_5A3D and MI_00

How do I find the right camera driver on the download site" and install the driver correctly?
Please follow below steps to proceed.

1. Enter into device manager.
2. Choose USB 2.0... WebCam" and right click to go to "Property".
3. Click "Detail"" and find the PID number in "Value" as shown below.
4. According to the PID number and the model name" you can find the right driver on the site.
5. Please remember to uninstall the previous camera driver before install the right driver from download site. There're 2 ways to uninstall completely.
a. Uninstall the camera in device manager" and restart the notebook.
b. Uninstall the camera driver in control panel" and restart the notebook.
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