Download Synaptics Touchpad Driver

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Synaptics Touchpad Driver
16.0 Mb
Version, Date:
13.0.1, 21.10.2009
Operation System:
Windows Vista x64, Windows Vista x32, Windows XP x64, Windows XP x32
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Bug Fixes:

- Used the BConfigFlags in the SliderZone.
- Fixed a problem for 2 Finger Scrolling with Edge Motion for Scrolling.
- Added preliminary code for incidental contact filtering for gestures.
- Reshot video files SynPivotRotate_ChiralRotate.mpg and SynPivotRotate.mpg.
- Fixed space missing at FR help text.
- Fixed configuration for an OEM PnP ID.
- Fixed two-finger flick localization issues for UI and hotkey.
- Turned scale corodinates on to fix an fimrware tuning issue.
- Fixed hotkey does not work at three-finger flick for Greman language.
- Fixed period sign need to take out for button/tap zone listing item.
- Fixed enable tap zone adds white space issue for lots languages.
- Fixed Text Font is different in Danish Help Text.
- Added new PnP IDs for OEMs.
- Hide all "Show Video" buttons for XP 64bit.
- Customer want the whole SGS 9.1 features.
- Fixed Russian help got garbage at ID 226 - 230.
- Fixed missing item number and bold at Activat in France help.
- "Vitesse fixe" header needs to be bolded in France help.
- Fixed R-to-L and L-to-R in item number strings for AR and HU.
- Fixed reading alignment for numerically itemized help items, for right-to-left languages.
- Fixed parenthesis is misplaced for "Enable ChiralRotate" hotkey for Hebrew, Thai.
- Fixed hotkey at right conner pivot not function for Italian.
- Updated illumination settings for an OEM Pnp ID.
- Fixed bug where reverse scrolling and swapped axis did not work on chiral zones.
- Fixed capitalization after NOTA: of Italian help text.
- Fixed Thai help got garbages at ID 226 - 285.
- Moved 3 PNP IDs from OEM Commercial to Consumer INF.
- Changed the default settings per customer's request.
- Fixed install Eula got ? mark at Danish.
- Fixed hotkey conflicts at CPL Hungarian.
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