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Synaptics Touchpad Driver
17.8 Mb
Version, Date:
14.0.16, 19.11.2009
Operation System:
Windows Vista x64, Windows Vista x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 7 x32, Windows XP x64, Windows XP x32
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Bug Fixes:

- Added vista/7 mixer msg support to LEDZone.
- Adjusted the synslidebar dll default parameter.
- Updated reg definitions OEM TP on/off OSD notification.
- Fixed the help text for Three Finger Press for all languages.
- Modified Three Finger Down to Three Finger Press UI.
- Fixed problems with bounce/momentum.
- Added support for rotation to test app.
- Fixed OEM control page is not fully translated.
- Fixed keyboard label for Ctrl" Shift and Alt for all languages.
- Relaxed start criteria for free scroll.
- Added support to get the mixer state notification under Vista or newer versions.
- Reversed the horizontal scrolling direction from the control panel.
- Added Linux entries to the very end of the inf file.
- Disabled "Jump to the Start Button" and "Search" actions.
- Made resource change" slide ctrl freq change.
- Fixed scrolling for OEM app.
- Hidden cover gesture UI if HW does not support this feature.
- Merged OEM inc files" and added a new PnP with multiple finger gesture page.
- Fixed extra character in the title bar label of an installation message.
- Set "Scroll under pointer" as default.
- Added PnP ID.
- Set "Dsiable Gesture" default unchecked.
- Added support for ArcSoft PhotoSuite for OEM.
- Enabled 2F scrolling and pinch support in button zone for clickpad.
- Only report left or right button down state if let or right button is down and a finger is in button zone for 2-button clickpad.
- Gestures for OpenOffice on SLED 11.
- Fixed Finnish UI translation for Mouse Macro.
- Fixed Mirror helper cannot find match language.
- Fixed License Agreement should be corrected for Russian.
- Fixed Button real label is different from the one discribed in help.
- Fixed hot keys not working for pointing stick.
- Fixed controls label was incorrectly translated in Russian.
- Added pending events dispatch function function to skip pending events.
- Modified show video button size.
- Removed last vestiges of
- Updated build scripts to get default INF file from Linux builds instead of Windows builds.
- Added description of PointerMotionSpeed registry value.
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